How use the toner transfer method

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-work in progress-


  • HMC electronics catalog is ironically an excellent source of toner transfer paper (along with any other thin glossy magazine)
  • Try not to do ground fills, printer tends to always mess this up
  • Use a hot iron to preheat the board
  • Prep the board by scratching with scotch brite or 320 grit wet/dry sand paper
  • Clean the board by using nail polish remover (diluted isopropanol or diluted acetone )
  • preheat pcb
  • Heat toner transfer pcb and wood stack with an iron, typically use body weight
    • an IRWIN clamp will help increase the pressure and save you the time of waiting
  • roll the pcb sandwich paper side up on a dowel or rod to increase the pressure at various locations
  • at this point it's about pressure not heat since the board should be evenly heated.
  • drop the pcb in a dish of warm water with detergent for 5 mins
  • paper should peel off easily. If not peel off slowly and wait for the paper fibers to break up. If toner is rubbing off start over, you didn't apply enough pressure or heat