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The experimental objective of this lab is ...

Furthermore, you will learn about [blank] We will also investigate the principles of [blank]. Your design will be entered in a competition against the others in your section. The team with the lowest Minimal Design Ratio (MDR) will be declared the winner.

Note: Be sure to read the calculation of the MDR near the end of the lab before you start your design.



Team Lab Report

Note: Since this lab is a competition, you will be writing a team lab report rather than an individual one. See the Team Authoring Strategies page in the Technical Communication of this online manual for guidance of how to do this.

Follow the lab report guidelines laid out in the page called Specifications for Writing Your Lab Reports in the Technical Communication section of this manual. As you write, the following discussion points should be addressed in the appropriate section of your lab report:

  • Describe the rules of the competition in your introduction. What consequences did the rules have for your design decisions? Use the appropriate equations in your answer. You may do this in a numbered list, but please use full sentences.
  • Explain equilibrium, heat, heat transfer and all the mechanisms that perform heat transfer. Discuss which of these mechanisms applied to your design.
  • Discuss minimal design and its importance.
  • Describe your container's design. Explain the choices you made. Make sure you include a discussion of the materials you chose and why. Talk about your team's strategy for winning the competition.
  • What changes would have increased/decreased your MDR or IC?
  • Describe how your design succeeded or failed. Discuss design improvements.

Team PowerPoint Presentation

Follow the presentation guidelines laid out in the page called EG1003 Lab Presentation Format in the Introduction to Technical Presentations section of this manual. When you are preparing your presentation, consider the following points:

  • What is the importance of minimal design?
  • How would you improve your design?


Materials with Price List

"NO RETURN" POLICY: When calculating cost, you must include ALL materials you request, even if you end up not using them. Make your selections carefully so you don't end up with cost that hurts your performance, but has no benefit.

Equipment Used

Remember: You are required to take notes. Experimental details are easily forgotten unless written down. EG Standard Note Paper can be downloaded and printed from the EG website the EG Website. Use your lab notes to write the Procedure section of your lab report. At the end of each lab your TA will scan your lab notes and upload them to the Lab Documents section of the EG Website. You must attach your lab notes at the end of your lab report (use the "Insert Object" command in MS Word after your Conclusion). Keeping careful notes is an essential component of all scientific practice.


The following rules must be observed at all times during the competition. Violation of any of these rules will result in the disqualification.


  1. Analyze your materials and consider your design options, keeping in mind the lab's specifications. Make sure you take notes and make preliminary sketches during this process.


Data Analysis

The team with the lowest MDR wins.

Your lab work is now complete. Please clean up your workstation. Return all unused materials to your TA. Refer to section 3 Your Assignment for the instructions you need to prepare your lab report.

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