Advanced Eagle Commands

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Moving Parts

Lets say you have a part called P$1 you want to move a specific amount

In the console type

move P$1 (0.1 0.1)

move partref (right up)

Tip you can get the part name by using the info button

Rotating Parts less than 90 degrees

Normally you wouldn't want to rotate parts by a specific degree. Sometimes you will. to do this use the move tool and pick up you part and type in the angle you want to move it from the angle box on the top left.

Making Multiple Pins with the same name If you ever try to draw a schematic with multiple pins such as a part that has multiple ground pins, eagle will complain saying "Name GND already exists." To get around this simple label the grounds as GND@1, GND@2, GND@3 and so on. The @ symbol will designate which ground it is and will disappear when the part is actually used in the schematic.