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We are Cunning Turtle, a New York based tag team duo of a Computer Engineer and an Electrical Engineering. We take a renaissance engineer approach to projects and try to merge our love of all things, art, mechanics, woodworking, photography, robotics and create one of a kind projects and products.

Awesome creations need the right tools at the right cost. In many cases these design tools don't exist so we build them for ourselves and for people like us.

We created the Cunning Turtle Store in 2011 where we sell some of things we create.

Ilya - A computer engineer that makes amazing things happens and writes terrible bios.

Dave - An electrical engineer shoved into the body of a mechanical engineer. He works primarily in electronic hardware product designs. From concept, development, regulatory to manufacturing. He has a soft spot in his metal geared heart for automation and sensors.

You can contact us by sending an email to: contact at cunningturtle dot com