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LED stands for light emitting diode.

They come in multiple forms and shapes. Here are some of the more popular sizes


Package Description
3mm (T1) very tiny also common
5mm (T1 3/4) very common through hole led
10mm uncommon
805 surface mount
PLCC-4 often used in bicolor leds
PLCC-6 often used in tricolor leds

millicandela mcd

10mcd nice moderate indicator

100mcd pretty bright indicator

1000mcd very bright, look for a diffusor if you intend to use it

5000mcd really bright, things start tasting blue

10,000mcd You shouldn't look at this directly or indirectly, just stop looking

mcd to lumen calc



625nm AlGaInP - 2.1V Brilliant Red

617nm - 2.1V Amber

590nm - 2.2V Yellow

527nm InGaN - 3.4V Brilliant Green

470nm InGaN - 3.4V Blue