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MeshCam allows you to convert your 3D files into tool paths for your CNC mill. There are three things you need to set.

1) Tool Bits/Settings

2) Stock material Size

3) Actual Model

Setting Up the Tool Bits

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Start by loading a sample file. Their sample file is a good start.

C:\Program Files (x86)\MeshCAM4\sample files\samplerhino.stl

-or for XP-

C:\Program Files\MeshCAM4\sample files\samplerhino.stl

Then go to the generate tool path button

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A new window will appear, click on select tool.

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Click Add to Add some new tools

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In our shop we only use two bits, one for really fine slow work and one for some speedier work. Here are their settings, feel free to just copy them.

Tool 1

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  • MM208-0625-050F $10.54
  • 1/16 in. (.0625 in., 1.59 mm) DeepReach Fish-tail End-mill, 2-flute, 0.50 in. max DOC, 1.5 in. OAL
  • We use this for most of our detailed wood work
  • 40 ipm on our machine by default, we've run it to 120ipm with 0.050" depth per pass

Tool 2

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  • MM208-1250-113FL $28.88
  • 1/8 in. (0.125 in, 3.18 mm) dia. DeepReach Fish-tail End-mill, 2-flute, 1.125 in. max DOC, 3.0 in. OAL
  • Planned for less detailed wood work, hoping for higher speed

Now that you have these tool bits hit OK to finish adding your tools and DONE to exit the tool menu.

Hit cancel on tool path and now We'll define the stock.

Setting up the Stock

Adding Supports