Hard Shell Initial setup

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There are several things you need to configure when you first get your Hard Shell. These only need to be configured once.

1. Configure the wireless router

Connect power to the router and wait for it to turn on. It takes about 15 seconds for the LEDs light to come up.

After about a minute the router will create a wireless network called "PHS-***", where *** are some random numbers and/or letters. Use your laptop to connect to it. You can't use iPad for this step as it will not work. A desktop is fine too if it can connect to wifi networks.

Open a web browser and go to the address

This is the router configuration page. Here it will ask you for the Admin password. The password is the last 6 characters of the router's MAC address. There is a sticker on the router that says what it is.

PHS300 admin password.jpg

Once you log in you want to make sure that the settings "Require User Login" and "Enable Bounce Pages" are disabled. To find these settings click on the "TOOLS" tab.

PHS300 disable bounce pages.jpg
PHS300 disable user logon.jpg

2. Configure the Eye-Fi card

Insert the Eye-Fi card into the Eye-Fi card reader and plug the reader into your computer. A program will auto start and it will guide you to:

  • Install the Eye-Fi Center.
  • Create a Eye-Fi account.
  • Connect Eye-Fi card to a wireless router

You need to do all of these steps. When you get to the step where you select which wireless network the Eye-Fi card should connect to, be sure to select the router you just configured. After this point, Eye-Fi Center program will pause for about a minute. After the wait it will accept your router selection.

3. Configure the iPad

On your iPad, install the app called "Shutter Snitch". Search for it in the app store.

Wait for Shutter Snitch to install and then open it. Then press "Options" located at the top left corner, followed by "Settings".

Ss options settings.jpg

Find where it says "Wi-Fi Cards" and slide the option "Eye-Fi transfers" from off to on. Press on "Done" to exit out of settings.

Ss enable eyefi transfers.jpg

Now press the "Options" button again. This time click on "Setup Guide".

Ss options setup guide.jpg

On the screen that pops up press "Eye-Fi card".

Ss press eyefi card.jpg

On the next screen enter your Eye-Fi username and password (that you just recently created). Then slide the switch from off to on to allow receiving from your Eye-Fi Card.

Ss eyefi login.jpg

Shutter Snitch is now configured, which completes the Hard Shell initial setup. All that is left to do is to connect your iPad to the Hard Shell's wifi router.

Tip: Your iPad is able to remember many wifi connections at the same time and if it see more than one network it is free to jump between them back and forth as it feels like it. When working on location you don't want the iPad to randomly disconnect from the Hard Shell's router. Therefor if there any other networks in the area that your iPad knows about you should tell your iPad to forget about them. This will ensure that the iPad stays connected to the Hard Shell's router for the duration of the whole event.

Test it out

Lets verify that now when you camera takes a picture it appears on the iPad. Once your iPad is connected to the mobile router launch Shutter Snitch again. From there create a new collection. Insert the Eye-Fi card into your camera and take a picture. The picture should appear shortly on the iPad screen.