Fireball V90

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Fireball V90


CAD Software - This is the computer aided drafting tool you use to draw your models.

  • Sketchup


CAM Software - This is the software that creates the tool paths for the milling machine to cut

CNC Control Software

CNC Mill

  • FireBall CNC V90

Machine Specifications

FireBall V90 CNC Router (FireBall V90) $1,334.80

  • Motor/Driver Kit => 3-Axis ProboStep Motor/Driver Kit (Best)
  • Drive Nuts => Anti-backlash
  • Breakout Board => PBX-RF
  • Ready-to-run => Large Enclosure
  • Kit Power Supply Upgrade => 40VDC Linear RTR
  • Spoil Board => MDF
  • Mount For PC7310 or D26670 Trim Router (PCMount) $49.95

Machine Travel:

  • X-Axis ~18"
  • Y-Axis ~12"
  • Z-Axis ~3"

Leadscrew Pitch:

  • X-Axis 5 Turns Per Inch (0.2in per rev/5.08mm per rev)
  • Y-Axis 5 Turns Per Inch (0.2in per rev/5.08mm per rev)
  • Z-Axis 12 Turns Per Inch (0.08334in per rev/2.1167mm per rev)

Resolution: (X & Y Axis)

  • Full Step 0.001"
  • Half Step 0.0005"
  • Quarter Step 0.00025"
  • Eighth Step 0.000125"
  • Sixteenth Step 0.0000625"


  • Dewalt D26670
  • Speed: 30,000RPM
  • Amps: 5.6Amp
  • Rating: 120V AC / DC
  • Collet Diameter: 1/4"
  • Height: 7.5"
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs













We order our bits from We like their quality and their technical staff was always friendly an helpful.

Collet Adapter The tool we use only holds 1/4" tool so this allows us to use 1/8" tools.

  • 1/4" to 1/8" Collet Adapter ($4.80)

[Lee Valley]

Tool 1

  • MM208-0625-050F $10.54
  • 1/16 in. (.0625 in., 1.59 mm) DeepReach Fish-tail End-mill, 2-flute, 0.50 in. max DOC, 1.5 in. OAL
  • We use this for most of our detailed wood work
  • 40 ipm on our machine by default, we've run it to 120ipm with 0.050" depth per pass

Tool 2

  • MM208-1250-113FL $28.88
  • 1/8 in. (0.125 in, 3.18 mm) dia. DeepReach Fish-tail End-mill, 2-flute, 1.125 in. max DOC, 3.0 in. OAL
  • Planned for less detailed wood work, hoping for higher speed

Tool 3

  • EM2E8-0625-90VC $12.61
  • 90° "V" point, ZrN coated PreciseBIT 2-flute Scoring / Engraving bit, 0.005in tip web,1.42 in. (36mm) OAL
  • planned for pcbs, we've successfully made a few boards with 10 mil clearance

Tool 4

  • EM2E8-0625-60VC $12.61
  • 60° "V" point, ZrN coated PreciseBIT 2-flute Scoring / Engraving bit, 0.005in tip web,1.42 in. (36mm) OAL
  • have not used yet


T-slot rails and 1/4-20" bolts with knobs
  • Built Table (stolen from our old darkroom)
  • Added Ikea lighting fixture
  • Motor screw heads were too large, belt sander + cordless drill milled it down to size
  • Added t-slot rails to board and 1/4-20" bolts with knobs
    • 57715K75 McMasterCarr - 3 Prong Knobs $0.91
    • 1850A11 McMasterCarr - TSlot Tracks 18" $3.99
    • 92865A549 McMasterCarr - 1/4-20" 2" Bolts $8.68
  • Added cable management
  • Added removable Monitor Stand


  • Z Axis

So it turns out most CNC codes operate with the positive Z going up. In order to mill most of the pieces for our machine we needed to chance the scaling to -1 or the machine moves the wrong way.

  • M3 S Code

Apparently our CNC keeps crashing when we run MACH 3, not sure why but it is always on the M3 S Code. We get some error that reads Go SpinCW(). The M3 code is for the spindle spin up. Since our machine doesn't have a relay we just delete these lines of code and we are fine.

  • Driver issues

Apparently when mach 3 crashes it crashes hard. We have had numerous issues where the mach 3 driver seems to hang, the jog commands are unresponsive and the pc blue screens.

Recommendation 1) "You're operating on a laptop, the parallel port's are notorious for going into low power." -We are using a Mini ITX so I was wondering if the same thing was happening. Doesn't seem definitive.

Recommendation 2) Use the drivertest.exe in the mach3 folder -done the pulses seem to flash when the drivers are working and hangs when it's not

Recommendation 3) Run specialdrivers.bat -mweh didn't seem to do anything, seemed even worse so i ran originaldriver.bat, it's working... for now

Recommendation 4) Reinstall Mach3 -tempted, but haven't tried yet