Dual Servo Controller Tool Checklist

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These are the tools you will need to put together the Dual Servo Controller kit.

Required Tools

Tools soldering iron.JPG
Soldering Iron. Any standard soldering iron with a pencil tip will be fine. Avoid using the cheap $10 soldering irons; they are a lot harder to solder with than the better irons.
Tools solder.JPG
Solder. Use rosin core solder. A thin diameter solder will work much better for this project than thick diameter solder.
Tools flush cutters.JPG
Flush Cutters. Used to snip of long leads once you solder a component in place.

Optional Tools

Tools panavise.JPG
A third hand. Something to hold the PCB for you while you solder on it. This is very helpful but you can get by without it.
Tools desoldering braid.JPG
Desoldering braid. If you make a mistake soldering you can use this to remove the solder and try again.