Dual Servo Controller Bill of Materials

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These are the parts needed to put together a Dual Servo Controller.

Image Name Description Distributor Part Number Qty
Parts 1x3Header.JPG
J3 1x3 Header Digikey 609-3464-ND 1
Parts 2x3Header.JPG
J1 J2 2x3 Header Digikey 609-3210-ND 2
U1 ATTINY85 Digikey ATTINY85-20PU-ND 1
Parts C0.1uF.JPG
C1 0.1uF Digikey 478-5741-ND 1
Parts R33.JPG
R3 33 Ohm Resistor Digikey 33QTR-ND 1
Parts TactSW.JPG
S1 Tactile Switch Digikey P8009S-ND 1
Parts Zener Diode.JPG
D1 5.1V Zener Diode Digikey 1N5231BFSCT-ND 1
Parts Linear Pot.JPG
R2 R3 Linear Potentiometer Digikey CT2265-ND 2
PCB Tiny Servo Driver PCB Cunning Turtle Part Number ct-63