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Kapton Tape (Polymide Film): -273 to +400 °C. Great for electronics. often used to isolate pcbs from ESD and works well as a insulator and solder mask due to it's ability to resist heat. Removes cleanly.

Fiberglass Tape: twisted strands of fiberglass woven at right angles to one another, resistant to temperature. It's intended to be used for drywall but finds usefulness in high temperature scenarios.

Duct Tape (Duck Tape): A cloth backed pressure sensitive tape. Similar to gaffer's tape and can be ripped by hand.

Gaffers Tape: Similar to Duct tape however it can be removed cleanly. It is often more expensive than duct tape. Great for optical masking. Used in theater and film.

Masking Tape: Made of thin easy to tear paper. Used in painting and masking of objects you wish to protect from paint, sand blasting and similar operations. Painters tape is also a type of masking tape.

Electrical Tape: Typically made of vinyl, not electrically conductive. An electrical insulator. Does not

PTFE Thread Seal Tape: Used on tapered threads to create a tight seal in water systems. It cannot be used on parallel threads since the threads will not crush deform the tape correctly to get a proper seal.

Aluminum Foil Tape:

Copper Foil Tape:

Double Coated Tape:

Foam Tape:

Packaging Tape:

Gorilla Tape:

Scotch Tape:

Magnet Tape:

Grip Tape:

Reflective Tape:

Silicone Tape: Rescue Tape

Fabric Tape:

Kraft Packaging Tape:

Glow in the Dark Tape: