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[[About us|About us]]
[[About us|About us]]
[https://store.cunningturtle.com/ Store]
==Products ==  
==Products ==  

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Welcome to the Cunning Turtle Wikisite.

This is the place for all of your information regarding Cunning Turtle and all of our projects that need explanation.

Wiki Main Page

Contact Info

Contact Information

About us


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Radio Controlled Stepper

Turn Steppers to Servos. This device will operate like a expanded 0-360 servo
or full continuous rotation. A helpful ini file allows you to configure even non standard steppers.
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Tiny Servo Driver

This little slice of heavenly copper allows you to control two servos.
Some extra features in the kit allow you to expand this into many creative projects.


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I made this photobooth for my wedding.
It was a blast to build a huge hit at the wedding.
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This is a project we created for Makerfaire 2009
It's a larger than life arcade claw with an oversized arcade controller.
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Dave is an automated sentry we built.
It has IR and can detect your most dangerous nemesis
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Thermoelectric Generator

This was an instructable we made to convert thermal to electrical energy.
We used it to charge our cell phone and power a small robot.

Full Project List

Friends & sites we like

  • AdaFruit DIY Electronic Kits and Resources
  • HackaDay Mostly Electronics and Software Hacks
  • Makezine Makers of all types
  • LumberJocks Interested in carpentry, this is the site for you.
  • CNCzone Huge community of CNC hobbiest and professionals
  • AVRfreaks Community of AVR micro enthusiasts; attiny, atmega, etc
  • Design Spark Home of the huge 3D design library and a PCB to SketchUp converter
  • Fine Wood Working Expert Sketchup designer specializing in wood working

Features and Awards

MegaClaw 1.0

Makerfaire 2010 - Editors Choice

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

ASEE Student Presentation - 1st Place

JUNKies TV Show

FireBallers 9/1/2011 10pm Science Channel