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[[Projects | Full Project List]]
[[Projects | Full Project List]]
==Programmers Bay==
**[[Arduino cheat sheet|Arduino cheat sheet]]
**[[How to burn the Bootloader|How to burn the Bootloader]]
**[http://hlt.media.mit.edu/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.ArduinoATtiny4585 Using Attiny with Arduino]
**[[Webcam|Autoit webcam]]
**[[Creating Gears in Sketchup|Creating Gears in Sketchup]]
**[[Creating Sketchup Videos|Creating Sketchup Videos]]
**[[Converting sketchup to STL and DXF|Converting sketchup to STL and DXF]]
==Mechanical Lab==
**[[Vacuum Former|Vacuum Former]]
**[[Belt Sander|Belt Sander]]
**[[Drill Press|Drill Press]]
**[[Band Saw|Band Saw]]
**[[Hot Wire Cutter|Hot Wire Cutter]]
**[http://runawaybrainz.blogspot.com/2011/11/diy-how-to-bend-aluminium-easy-way-with.html DIY Aluminum Bender]
*'''CNC Milling'''
**[[Fireball V90|Fireball V90]]
*'''3D Printing'''
**[[Soldering 101|Soldering 101]]
**[[How to reflow|How to reflow]]
**[[Soldering tools|Soldering tools]]
***[http://www.sentryair.com/ Air filtration Systems]
***[http://www.qrpbuilder.com/downloads/pcb_holder_you_can_build.pdf Simple Rubber Band Powered PCB Holder]
**'''DC Motors'''
***[[How to wire a DPDT Switch to a Motor|How to wire a DPDT Switch to a Motor]]
**'''Current Sources'''
***[[BJT LED Current Source|Simple LED Current Source]]
***[[Op Amp LED Current Source|Advanced LED Current Source with PWM control and Enable]]
**'''Power Protection Strategies'''
***[http://digital-diy.com/general-electronics/422-power-protection-circuits-a-closer-look-at-the-series-diode.html Simple Diode] By far the lowest cost solution, but has a large voltage drop
***[http://digital-diy.com/general-electronics/423-power-protection-circuits-a-closer-look-at-the-crowbar-circuit.html Crowbar Fuse and Diode] A low voltage drop solution, but requires fuse replacement after every failure
***[http://digital-diy.com/general-electronics/424-power-protection-circuits-a-closer-look-at-the-p-channel-mosfet-circuit.html P FET] Slightly more expensive than a diode but linear voltage drop
***[http://www.digikey.com/Web%20Export/Supplier%20Content/Tyco_8004/PDF/TycoRaychem_PolyZen.pdf?redirected=1 Poly Zen] Expensive but very effective
**'''Light Circuits'''
**[[Dark Activated Emergency Light Circuit|Dark Activated Emergency Light]]
**[[Simple Relay Circuit|Simple Relay Circuit]]
**[[InfraRed Beam Break Detector|InfraRed Beam Break Detector]]
**[[High Side Current Meter|High Side Current Meter]]
**[[Transconductance Amplifier|Transconductance Amplifier]]
**[[Stepper Motors| Stepper Motors]]
**[[Hobby Servos| Hobby Servos]]
**[[Multiple Buttons using one Analog Read|Multiple Buttons using one Analog Read]]
**[http://www.openmusiclabs.com/learning/digital/input-matrix-scanning/ 12 Input Matrix Scanning Methods]
***[[7 segment LED|7 segment LED]]
***[[IR Receiver|IR Receiver]]
***[[555 Timer|555 Timer]]
***[[555 Timer Servo Circuit|555 Timer Servo Circuit]]
***[[A3982 Stepper Motor Driver|A3982 Stepper Motor Driver]]
**'''7400 Series'''
***[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_7400_series_integrated_circuits big list of 7400 parts]
***[[74151 Multiplexer|74151 Multiplexer]]
***[[74HC164|74164 8-Bit SPIO Shift Register]]
***[[74HC595|74595 8-Bit SIPO Shift Register (with Latch)]]
**'''DC-DC Converters'''
***[[LM317|LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator]]
***[[LM7805|LM7805 5V Fixed Linear Regulator 1.5A]]
***[[LM2576 Buck Regulator|LM2576 5V Buck Regulator/BEC]]
***[[MAX682 5V Charge Pump|MAX682 5V Charge Pump]]
***[[MCP1700 3.3V LDO|MCP1700 3.3V LDO]]
***[[SS541 Hall Effect Sensor|SS541 Hall Effect Sensor]]
***[[BPW34|BPW34 Photodiode]]
***[[Photo Resistor|Photo Resistor Light Detector]]
**'''Op Amps'''
***[[LM324|LM324 Quad Low Power Op Amp]]
***[[LM358|LM358 Dual Low Power Op Amp]]
***[[Common Transistors|Common Transistors]]
**'''Clock Sources'''
***[[Crystals Resonators Oscillators|Crystals Resonators Oscillators]]
***[http://www.x2y.com/techsummary.htm X2Y Capacitors]
*'''PCB Design Tools'''
**[http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/ LT Spice tool for simulating Circuits]
**[http://saturnpcb.com/pcb_toolkit.htm Saturn PCB design toolkit]
**[http://www.altera.com/technology/signal/power-distribution-network/sgl-pdn.html Altera Tool for designing Power Distribution Networks]
**[[How use the toner transfer method|How use the toner transfer method]]
**[[PCB Test Pattern|PCB Test Pattern]]
**[[Electronic Design Automation Tools|Electronic Design Automation Tools]]
*'''Eagle CAD'''
**[[Advanced Eagle Commands|Advanced Eagle Commands]]
**[[How to manufacture your PCB|How to manufacture your PCB]]
**[[How to duplicate designs in eagle|How to duplicate designs in eagle]]
**[http://hackaday.com/2011/11/16/eagleup-pulls-your-pcbs-into-sketchup/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hackaday%2FLgoM+%28Hack+a+Day%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher How to generate sketchup from eagle using eagleUP]
**[[How to generate bitmaps in eagle|How to generate bitmaps in eagle]]
**[[How to generate g code from eagle|How to generate g code from eagle]]
**[[How to make a symbol in Eagle Library|How to make a symbol in Eagle Library]]
*[[Where to buy hardware|Where to buy hardware]]
*[[Where to buy electronics|Where to buy electronics]]
*[[Useful EE Sites|Useful EE Sites]]
*'''Electrical References'''
**[[Signal Integrity Notes|Notes from Signal and Power Integrity Simplified, Second Edition]]
**[[DC Connectors|Common DC Connectors]]
**[[Wire Gauge|Wire Gauge]]
**[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_symbol Electronic Symbols]
==Reference Charts==
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_Display_Mounting_Interface Monitor Mounting Hole Dimensions]
*[[Types of Tape|Types of Tape]]
*[[Types of Adhesive|Types of Adhesive]]
*[[Drill/Taps Sizes|Drill/Taps Sizes]]
*[[Cunning Turtle SKUs|Cunning Turtle SKUs]]
==Misc stuff==
*[http://kalaalog.com/2007/10/11/dragon-sketch-to-vector-art/ How to use inkscape to vectorize a sketch]
*[http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/2008/04/f10-gears-drawing-gears.html Drawing Gears in inkscape]
*[http://www.focuser.com/atm/anodize/anodize.html How to Anodize Aluminum at Home]
*[http://makeprojects.com/Project/Stain-PVC-Any-Color-You-Like/296/1 How to Stain PVC using tetrahydrofuran]
*[http://home.comcast.net/~sskroch/Injection_molding/injection_molding.html Injection Molding at Home]
*[http://www.protoparadigm.com/2011/12/abs-glue-weld-cast-texture-and-more/ Casting/gluing/Welding ABS with acetone]
*[http://www.diyroadcasesstore.com/categories/Corners/ Road Case Parts Supplier]
==Cunning Calcultors==
*[[CalcHowTo|Designing a Javascript Calculator]]
*[[CalcLEDResistor|Calculate LED Resistor]]

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Welcome to the Cunning Turtle Wikisite.

This is the place for all of your information regarding Cunning Turtle and all of our projects that need explanation.

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Contact Information

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Radio Controlled Stepper

Turn Steppers to Servos. This device will operate like a expanded 0-360 servo
or full continuous rotation. A helpful ini file allows you to configure even non standard steppers.
alternate text
Tiny Servo Driver

This little slice of heavenly copper allows you to control two servos.
Some extra features in the kit allow you to expand this into many creative projects.


alternate text

I made this photobooth for my wedding.
It was a blast to build a huge hit at the wedding.
alternate text

This is a project we created for Makerfaire 2009
It's a larger than life arcade claw with an oversized arcade controller.
alternate text

Dave is an automated sentry we built.
It has IR and can detect your most dangerous nemesis
alternate text
Thermoelectric Generator

This was an instructable we made to convert thermal to electrical energy.
We used it to charge our cell phone and power a small robot.

Full Project List

Friends & sites we like

  • AdaFruit DIY Electronic Kits and Resources
  • HackaDay Mostly Electronics and Software Hacks
  • Makezine Makers of all types
  • LumberJocks Interested in carpentry, this is the site for you.
  • CNCzone Huge community of CNC hobbiest and professionals
  • AVRfreaks Community of AVR micro enthusiasts; attiny, atmega, etc
  • Design Spark Home of the huge 3D design library and a PCB to SketchUp converter
  • Fine Wood Working Expert Sketchup designer specializing in wood working

Features and Awards

MegaClaw 1.0

Makerfaire 2010 - Editors Choice

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

ASEE Student Presentation - 1st Place

JUNKies TV Show

FireBallers 9/1/2011 10pm Science Channel