LM2576 Buck Regulator

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This was a Buck Regulator that I chose to use for a few projects. This is good if you want to efficiently convert a higher voltage source to a lower voltage like 12V to 5V. Linear regulators can do this too, but they burn off The power difference as heat. A buck regulator does not. This model comes in many different fix output voltage flavors and it also comes in an adjustable version. It's low cost <$5. In a lot of Rc car projects these things are referred to as Battery Eliminator Circuits (BEC) and sell for ~$40

Specs: http://www.national.com/ds/LM/LM2576.pdf

Voltage In: 4 V ~ 40 V

Voltage Out: 1.23 V ~ 37 V

Current Out: 3A

Highlights: Requires only 2 caps, an inductor and a diode.


Package comes in SMT TO-263, 5-Lead TO-220