How to duplicate designs in eagle

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Sometimes when you design a board like a simple breakout you will want to make multiple copies of the final design without affecting the schematic. when you finish your schematic and board you can easily create a panel by creating a new brd file and copy and pasting the design to multiple locations. The only draw back is your schematic changes will not be updated.

Here is how to do it

Step 1

  • First you will want to make a copy of your .brd file. You won't be able to copy components in the original .brd since it is linked to a schematic.
  • Save the new file as a different name. (I prefer name(matte).brd)
first copy the finished board file

Step 2

The new file won't be linked to the schematic

alternate text
  • Open the new board file and click on the select tool

  • Make a box around your design to create a group
Select a group with the things to copy

Step 3

alternate text
  • Select the copy tool

  • To copy a single item you use left click, to copy a group hold control and right click

  • Drop this group where you would like it. To make multiple copies use the copy tool again.
Click the copy tool then ctrl + right click to do this multiple times

Things to know

  • This new board file will not update when you update your schematic. You will have to repeat this process each time you make a change
  • You must enable all layers when doing this or you may lose some information