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Def: Stock Keeping Unit

  • SKUs should not identify products details, that is for a detailed description
  • SKUs should not be the manufacturer number since it will prevent you from second sourcing
  • Large Corportations with thousands of product configurations require detailed SKUs, smaller businesses have typically < 1000 products so short SKUs enhance readability
  • SKUs should not have exotic characters #$!/\|
  • SKUs should NEVER start with the number 0 because word processors will butcher it
  • SKUs should try to limit or control usage of alpha I, O, L and numeric 1, 0 because it will lead to typos
  • Having your own unique identifier in the sku will allow your product to be found using search engines.
  • Having some intelligence in your SKU will allow inexperience users to find the parts faster

Our Format

SKU Symbol Description
Prefix 2-4 alphabetic characters. no numbers. you may not break this rule
Dash Dashes help to distinguish alpha chars from numerics
Number 3 digits max starting at 000


DIO-000 = A diode we have in stock called 000 RES-067 = The 68th resistor we've added to the store KIT-012 = The 12th kit we've introduced to the store.

Prefix List

SKU Prefix Description
BOX Containers and Storage
CAP Capacitor
DIO Diode
DISP Displays / 7 Segments
FAS Fasteners Screws Nuts Misc Hardware
IC Integrated Circuits
INT Inventory Management
KIT Cunning Turtle Project Kit
LED Light Emitting Diode
MOT DC Motor/Servo/Stepper
PCB Printed Circuit Board
POT Potentiometer / Variable resistor
PWR Power Supplies Battery Holders
REG DC-DC Converters Power Regulation
RES Resistors
SEN Sensors
SW Switches Buttons
TRN Transistors
uC Microcontrollers
XTL Crystals Resonators Oscillators