A3982 Stepper Motor Driver

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This is a Bipolar Stepper Motor driver. It comes with the drive logic and the ability to do full and half stepping. It costs around $5.81.

Specs: http://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Part_Numbers/3982/3982.pdf

Voltage In: 3.3 V ~ 5.5 V

Voltage Out: 8 V - 35 V

Current Out: +/-2A



Package comes in SOIC-24 Wide

Package comes in SOIC-24 Wide

Calculating Current Sense Resistors (R1/R2) and VREF

ITripMAX = VREF / ( 8 × RS)

VREF = 0-4V

ITripMAX = VREF / ( 8 × RS)

do not exceed 0.5V on sense pin

Enable Set low to enable

Reset Set low to put the chip in reset

Dir low:CW high:CCW

MS1 L: Full Step

MS1 H: Half Step


R1 - (current sense resistor)

R2 - (current sense resistor)

R3 - (VREF Voltage Divider)

R4 - (VREF Voltage Divider)

R5 - 10k (install for half stepping, do not install R6)

R6 - 10k (install for full stepping, do not install R5)

C1 - 0.1uF

C2 - 0.1uF

C3 - 0.22uF