World’s Most Complicated Hit Counter

Hit counters are found on very site on the internet – though they barely go by that name anymore. Modern hit counters are invisible, fast and do more than keep track of the number of times a web page was loaded. Suites like Google Analytics record which geographical region a visitor is from, what operating system they use, and how much time they spend on the website.

The hit counter I built may not do any of those things, but it does keep track of hits, and in the most complicated way possible.

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Underwater Lego Robots

One of the happiest moments backs as a Teaching Assistant in college was when a Professor told me to build a underwater autonomous course under $1000 and out of Lego Bricks.

There are a lot of things to over come if you are building one. But its not impossible to build a pretty intelligent Lego submersible. Especially when they are now digital with microcontrollers and sensors. One of my favorite examples was when Rhode Island University Beat MIT’s AUV with their Lego version.