Printable Ball Bearings, welcome to the future

It was made out of printed parts, so it would only last a month before I’d need to print new bearings and other moving parts.

From  Printcrime by Cory Doctorow.  Link here:

I am glad to bring us closer to this terrible future. Here are some printable bearings I made. I am working on a project that needs alot of them and was enraged by not being able to print them. Especially after reading this story.

Get the models here:

They are a little tricky to put together. First you have to cut out about 15 sections of printing stock into 2cm long segments. The length is flexible, as long as it fits into the bearing housing . Then place all of the pieces of stock into the outer ring for the bearing. Carefully place the inner tube into the out ring and snap it shut. Now it should roll freely. Depending on how well your printer performs you will have a shorter or longer break in period. After the pieces are properly broken in its nearly as smooth as metal ball bearings. I haven’t done a load test on them, but they spin freely when spun by hand.

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