Gen 2 Photo Booth – Finishing the Booth

I really wanted the booth to pop. It had to be intuitive because there wouldn’t be an assistant attending the booth. Plus I wanted kids to be able to use it. We chose a design that attracts users like moths to a flame. It also attracts people to look right into the lens without thinking about it.

We had to try and fit everything into the booth. First was a big cut out for the camera. Then below it we made another cutout (not shown) for the display. The display had a bunch of knobs for color balancing so we had to add some large spacers.

One Button to Rule them All

To make it easy to understand and use, I wanted to use one button. Arcade buttons are really cool, but they are mechanical and eventually fail. A lot of buttons are only rated for 50 thousand presses. Arcade buttons are little higher in the millions of cycles. You would think this was enough, but if you ever worked in an arcade you’d know that even they need to be replaced. Since weddings have a lot of characters drunk people I wanted something that would last as long as booth. I chose a capacitive touch button. This is similar to the touch screens we have in our phones. Below is a concept image from the reference design sheets.



Here is how our Capacitive touch button looks. We back light it with some nice blue LEDs.

User Feedback

One big problem with booths is how to let your user know what is going on. We looked at the state of the web and the most widely used design is a the scrolling buffer wheel. It can be used to display a countdown and indicate the user should wait. The reason we made it a big ring was it also tells users where to look without them understanding that there is a camera inside the box. The only down side is the I/O control and the crazy amount of work soldering it.

Mounting the Camera

To hold the camera in place we created a sliding right angle mount. It has two mounting points and two knobs to secure it as a fail safe.


Well that’s it the booth is done, now to field test it.

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