Gen 2 Photo Booth – Field Testing

I was invited to two weddings earlier this year. The wedding of Whitney and Jeremiah then another wedding for Courtney and Phil. I went to both weddings and my gift to them was the photo booth. I learned a lot about generation 2 of the booth. Some things I really liked some things I hated.


The first wedding I transported the booth in a Honda Civic (right). The second wedding I transported it in the passenger seat of a Honda CRV(left). There was plenty of room in either car.  I did move the passenger seat up in the CRV. It’s funny cause the CRV has a huge trunk, I chose not to use it just to see how it would be like standing up. The wheels made moving the booth very easy.



Here is Ilya smiling, he is smiling because the booth is battery powered and all we had to do was lift it and turn all the camera electronics on. Setup time was a little less than 1 minute for the booth alone. We added a blue tie dye backdrop and that took an additional 3 mins. It really made me wish we built a custom backdrop too. I think for certain venues I won’t even use the backdrop.


The weddings went amazingly well. Both couples were skeptical at first because the booth didn’t print but that didn’t stop guests. They had a great time and they agreed everyone loved the booth. Then we E-mailed them a nice zip of all the photos and they uploaded it to Facebook for everyone to enjoy. It was a much better instant satisfaction rather than waiting for a photographer to edit all the photos. Plus everyone can see each other’s photo booth photos rather than small low res print outs.


I captured a lot of data/statistics on what I people do and don’t like about this booth. I can’t help it I’m an engineer, making people happy with a design is fine and dandy, perfecting it is what I do. Time to take all that data and analyze it to see how to make gen 3 even better.




2 Comments on “Gen 2 Photo Booth – Field Testing”

  1. John says:

    What did you hate about the Gen 2 booth?

    • dye says:

      I think one of the biggest issues was the booth was too expensive, too heavy to carry and despite being a very bottom heavy we feared someone would knock it down. It was a rock and it never did fall during field tests, but with the right amount of alcohol at an open bar wedding who knows what would happen. Gen 3 is a little slower to setup but it took a front kick and survived.

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