Gen 2 Photo Booth – Designing the Camera Box

Now that the aluminum base is done it’s time to figure out how to protect the camera. We started building a cardboard mock up then cut the road case parts and put it all together. A lot of really good photos of the build in this post.


Riveting is a cheap way to attach the aluminum corners. We had both a pneumatic and a hand riveter. The rivet goes into the hole and expands when the tool pulls on the nail. This forms a donut shape that locks it in place. The ones we were using are rated for 125lbs each. I highly recommend the pneumatic one since there are too many rivets.

This pin snaps off when fully pulled.

The Panels

The panels are 1/4″ ply with abs plastic laminated on top. The rivets help hold everything together.

Nice view of the corner bumper. This will handle those pesky dings well.

So many rivets, so much cutting.

Here are how the rivets look on the inside. There are washers because the wood is too flimsy to survive the rivet process.

Here is a close up of how the box is attached to the stand we made earlier. This aluminum plate engages to some metal bolts and a plate on the inside. The whole thing is the second slide and beautifully counter balanced by the spring on top.

We noticed the booth started gaining some weight. We added some wheels to make it easier to roll in and out of venues.

Booth Collapsed

All nice and compact, this stands around 30″ tall.

Nice view of the back of the booth. We even added a nice baggage handle so it is easier to move the booth.

Voila the booth fully extended.



Almost complete, now we just need to install the camera and the custom electronics and we will be set.




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    Hello I would like more information about your photo booth & the cost.

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