DIY Photo booth – Recycling a Photo booth

After my wedding and my DIY photo booth was done I realized I now had a $500 dollar clunker I couldn’t rent or store. I decided to upcycle it into new things I needed after getting married. I built games and even a wall unit out of the spare booth parts.

TV Wall Unit-(thing)

I took the panels and made two vertical shelves. I use a two long spare pieces and use some paving bricks to make it into a mini table. This is the raw unpainted unit. Now I have a nice new set of shelves to clutter :-).

Spice Rack

This one was actually really easy. A lot of this was made from the left overs of the all-in-one pc from the booth. The backing is thin 1/4″ ply and it all held together by wonderful wood glue. I’m not a master carpenter but my wife is pretty proud cause it simply works and i built it on demand.

KeyBlade Pole Star

Business terms are really dry and boring. Especially in the engineering world. One thing we always talk about when designing products are the pole stars of a program. The pole star is like a guiding design requirement. A lot of people walk over and we discuss what the key features a product needs to have in order to be successful. Also in kingdom hearts all the swords are key shaped so I couldn’t resist making this pun. Now when product managers ask me about integrating key pole stars I can weld this beauty to give me +2 engineering.

EL-Wire Vase

Okay so this one is actually pretty easy. I had a EL Wire module in the booth to accent the back drop. I shoved it all into a vase and stuck some plastic sunflowers. I gotta say, it’s pretty good looking for a few seconds of work. You can see the batteries in this shot, but they hide nicely in the flowers.

With Lights off


Lawn Games

I took some of the PVC pipe left over from the design and the Mega Claw to make a ladder ball game. Ladder ball is a pretty fun lawn game. I based my design loosely on Make‘s


Wishing Well for another Wedding

It’s like the DIY wedding that keeps on giving. I bought a lot of material when I made the booth. I planned on messing up and bought myself plenty of material for oops. Instead of letting it go to waste we used it for our friend Whitney’s wedding. My wife got the idea that we should make a wishing well for her wedding for people to drop off gifts (mostly cards). I made the entire booth from scrap wood and hot glued it together. I was really paranoid it wouldn’t stay together so I made it bottomless. It turned out this was a good idea because the well was lightweight and made it much easier to remove the gift. This is Andrea decorating it.


Here is the finished product.


Building a booth was a great idea for my wedding. Not thinking ahead about what I’d do with it didn’t turn out so bad. You may ask why I didn’t want to rent it out. The big reason was because of the weight and setup time. Even though I made mine transforming it was still well over 120lbs total. I still have plenty of scrap wood and I plan to use it to power many future projects.

Check out what the booth used to be here.



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  1. jackie S says:

    Totally a good idea! I am glad you were able to use the left over scrap for something good!

    You are very good in what you do.

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