Cunning Turtle at Maker Faire 2013

2013-09-22 18.38.44This year at Maker Faire we debuted our all new Hard Shell. The Hard Shell is our DIY photobooth kit that allows you to place a portable photobooth anywhere. Just add your own camera.

Now that the faire is over, we’re working on getting the photobooth pictures uploaded to an online gallery. If you left us your email at the faire then we’ll send you a notification when they are up.

Reddit ECE Student mitchellele Delivers a Companion Cube Amp


ECE student mitchelle was looking for a cool case to house his amp project. I suggested a companion cube and he delivered in less than ten days with the full cube. Crazy impressive speed if you ask me. Here is the link to the post if you want to see it.

Gen 2 Photo Booth – Field Testing

I was invited to two weddings earlier this year. The wedding of Whitney and Jeremiah then another wedding for Courtney and Phil. I went to both weddings and my gift to them was the photo booth. I learned a lot about generation 2 of the booth. Some things I really liked some things I hated. Read the rest of this entry »

Servo8Bit Library version 0.6 released

The next version of the Servo8Bit library is released which includes the much sought after integration with Arduino libraries for the Attiny as well as other various improvements.

Here is a run down of what’s new:

  • Now works with various Arduino libraries for the Attiny45 and Attiny85.
  • Added support to run at 1mhz in addition to 8mhz.
  • Added ability to easily select if this library should use timer0 or timer1.
  • By default timer1 is now used. The old default used to be timer0.

Download the Servo8Bit library from its Github page here .

ZIP button downloads all library files together

If you’re unfamiliar with Git Hub you should know that you can download all of the library files by click on the “ZIP” button, at the top left corner. Part of the download is an example program that shows you how to use the library on a bare bone Attiny. If you looking to use the Servo8Bit with an Arduino library check out this example, which shows you how to do just that.

When you use Servo8Bit with an Attiny Arduino library (such as the one found here) I recommended that you run the Attiny chip at 8mhz , instead of at 1mhz. The Arduino library uses it own interrupts (in order to keep track of time and what not) which sometimes fire at the same time as the interrupt used by the Servo8bit driver. The interrupts step on each other’s toe, so to speak. The effect is that sometimes the connected servo jerks a bit because the PWM pulse sent to it was too long. Running at 8mhz reduces this effect by a lot.

ATtiny45/85 Servo Library

Recently I worked on a project where I wanted to control a servo using an ATtiny85. I checked online for ready made code that did this but I couldn’t find anything satisfactory. Not wanting to switch to a larger microcontroller I decided to write my own servo library for the ATtiny85.

I call it Servo8Bit. It supports up to 5 servos, runs on the ATtiny85 or ATtiny45 and uses only one 8 bit counter. It can generate a servo control pulse from 512 to 2560 microseconds with 256 steps of resolution. And, most importantly, it is very easy to use.

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Casio EX-ZR100 High Speed Point and Shoot

I recently purchased a new high speed camera to record the new projects. This was a video test I did to see the quality. I love the new camera, but the high speed has a very low resolution and requires a lot of additional lighting. At the end of the day I’m glad I paid $250 for the high speed despite these flaws.

Pipe Inspection Robots


The Active Structures Laboratory built these amazing pipe inspection robots. The mechanism has a spinning wheel assembly that propels it through pipes. It even allows it to climb up pipes almost effortlessly. I wonder if someone can build something similar using Lego bricks. They have some really good videos of it on their website.

Seattle Doctor Folds and Throws Paper Airplane using da Vince Robot

Via C.K.

Fallout 3 Buffout, in real life!

I made own my real life Buffout! It’s really easy to make and takes only a few steps. All you need is a medicine bottle and to download, print and cutout the label. I got the medicine bottle as a free sample from a site that specializes in selling plastic bottle. If you are going to make yourself just one or a handful of Buffouts, I recommend getting the bottles the same way.

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Steampunk WALL E

We added a Steampunk WALL E to our Epilog Laser Contest Entry.
Its a much lower cost and more fun to learn with than a cell phone charger. take a look and give us a vote if you like it.

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