Computer Case: Weighted Companion Cube

This is perhaps one of our favorite computer cases that we’ve made over the years. Normally a cube isn’t an exciting deviation from the standard computer case, the rectangle prism, but this one is different. Not only is this cube weighted but it also a replica of the weighted companion cube from the video game series Portal. Some of you sober-eyed types who play video games might have recognized the similarity by now. How it resembles that cube you once had an encounter with, that abruptly ended when you threw it in a pit of fire. You monster.

This replica of the weighted companion cube was made with love (you wouldn’t know what that is). It was designed in SketchUp and cut out on our CNC machine. The cut out panels were then hand painted and assembled into the cube shape it is now.

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Lexan Mini ITX PC

Have you ever wanted a computer that you can leave on 24/7 and not even notice that it is on when you walk into the room? I know I have.  Now I finally built one that is so quiet you can’t hear if it’s on or not even if you stand next to it.
As a bonus, it is only the size of a large book, has a 1.6Ghz dual core atom processor, and idles at 19C (or whatever the room temperature happens to be). Check out the video to get an idea of how small and quite the computer is.

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DIY Power Supply

Today we take a look at re-purposing a computer power supply.

If you’re anything like me you probably have a couple of computer power supplies lying around your home. I collect mine because I like having a replacement power supply on hand just in case the one inside one of my computers stops working. But the fact is, PC power supplies tend not to die, which recently got me looking for other ways I can use them. What I found to be a good use for them is to use them as bench top power supplies.
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