DIY Photo booth – Recycling a Photo booth

After my wedding and my DIY photo booth was done I realized I now had a $500 dollar clunker I couldn’t rent or store. I decided to upcycle it into new things I needed after getting married. I built games and even a wall unit out of the spare booth parts.
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DIY Photo booth – Booth Styles

So when I was researching photo booths for my wedding I found out that the old timey traditional booths were a thing of the past. Now new styles of photo booth technology are popping up. It’s hard to get good pricing when they are all over the map. In this post I’ll go over the different booths.
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DIY Photobooth (Lessons Learned)

Last year I got married and I built a portable photobooth for my wedding.It was a hit and it had all sorts of fun features. It talked, printed it, and we had a lot of fun. I learned a lot of lessons after doing it. Hopefully some of my lessons will help anyone considering to building their own photobooth.

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Cunning Turtle Inc featured on the new DIY show JUNKies!

Ilya and I were just on a TV show called JUNKies. The show is centered around Jimmy and his amazing crew. Jimmy owns Freeport Auto Parts & Wrecking Corp, he gets all sorts of weird requests for parts and the show is centered around his crew trying to find rare hardware parts for crazy inventions. We helped out with a wireless project and brought our fire cannon for the episode that aired 9/1/2011 10pm Science Channel. It was a lot of work but we had an awesome time.

Casio EX-ZR100 High Speed Point and Shoot

I recently purchased a new high speed camera to record the new projects. This was a video test I did to see the quality. I love the new camera, but the high speed has a very low resolution and requires a lot of additional lighting. At the end of the day I’m glad I paid $250 for the high speed despite these flaws.

Pipe Inspection Robots


The Active Structures Laboratory built these amazing pipe inspection robots. The mechanism has a spinning wheel assembly that propels it through pipes. It even allows it to climb up pipes almost effortlessly. I wonder if someone can build something similar using Lego bricks. They have some really good videos of it on their website.

Seattle Doctor Folds and Throws Paper Airplane using da Vince Robot

Via C.K.

Lego Styrofoam Cutter

Lego bricks are great for making models, but sometimes you can make real tools with them. If you want to work with foam you should definitely consider building this hot wire cutter. It’s a great tool because it doesn’t leave any dust and it cuts through foam like butter. A few years back I didn’t have any scrap wood but I had plenty of Lego pieces.

Apple infused Pumpkin

Delicious Apple Infused Pumpkin using an Common Household Air Cannon!

Lego Self Resetting Target Range

One of my hobbies is taking out the Airsoft gun and picking off innocent Lego bricks from a shelf. Eventually I got tired of picking up my fallen victims and decided to turn the Lego’s into a self resetting target range. I wanted to make a cool electronic range, but I figured there must be an easy mechanical way that doesn’t cost me $12 per servo and days worth of wiring. I looked on the internet and found some $60+ dollar targets and just knew I could redesign them using Lego pieces. Once I found the right angles and proportions for the pieces the thing worked like a charm. When I shot the bottom two targets they get locked in place. When finished I shot the top target to release the bottom two. I added a stop motion video on how to construct one at the end and some different views so you can build your own.