Reddit ECE Student mitchellele Delivers a Companion Cube Amp


ECE student mitchelle was looking for a cool case to house his amp project. I suggested a companion cube and he delivered in less than ten days with the full cube. Crazy impressive speed if you ask me. Here is the link to the post if you want to see it.

Jack Daniels Independence Project – Mega Claw 2.0

Cunning Turtle has decided to enter Instructables and Jack Daniels Independence Project. We looked through all the things we built and decided it would be wonderful to resurrect Mega Claw. Of all the things we’ve built this one had the greatest impact on children and families. We won editors choice in Makerfaire 2010, but in 2011 and 2012 we haven’t been able to bring anything to the show. If we win the contest we plan to attend Maker Fair 2013 in style.

Here is our entry.

It’s Friday Night, have a cocktail robot

Just an awesome looking robot that dispenses alcohol. It uses Bar Measures (measures) to dispense the alcohol and compressed nitrogen on the right to dispense the mixers.

via hackaday

Gen 2 Photo Booth – Field Testing

I was invited to two weddings earlier this year. The wedding of Whitney and Jeremiah then another wedding for Courtney and Phil. I went to both weddings and my gift to them was the photo booth. I learned a lot about generation 2 of the booth. Some things I really liked some things I hated. Read the rest of this entry »

Gen 2 Photo Booth – Finishing the Booth

I really wanted the booth to pop. It had to be intuitive because there wouldn’t be an assistant attending the booth. Plus I wanted kids to be able to use it. We chose a design that attracts users like moths to a flame. It also attracts people to look right into the lens without thinking about it.

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Gen 2 Photo Booth – Designing the Camera Box

Now that the aluminum base is done it’s time to figure out how to protect the camera. We started building a cardboard mock up then cut the road case parts and put it all together. A lot of really good photos of the build in this post.

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Baby Shower

Andrea and I had our baby shower. She showed me some watermelon baby picture on pinterest and said, “Make that!” Being a DiY person I couldn’t resist.


Gen 2 Photo Booth – Designing the Stand

After doing the initial measurements I decided that I wanted the booth to be adjustable and sit somewhere around chest height for the average user. This would be a standup booth when necessary and adjustable to a sit down booth. We spent a good $300 to buy the material to build it, but there were still many risks. Would it be strong enough? Would it be light enough? Would the slide rail even work? We already tried to build this with draw slides and it failed miserably. Hopefully we didn’t just waste our money.


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Gen 2 Photo Booth – Designing the Optics

In a photo booth lighting is one of the most important factors. External flashes and umbrellas can give you an amazingly interesting look. Hot shoe flash diffusers can also give you a great look while keeping it compact. We know we can easily mount umbrellas using pole adapters, but what was the minimum size we need to allow us to use a standard flash?

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Gen 2 Photo booth – Concept

Sometimes you build one thing and it snowballs into a something huge. My DIY wedding photo booth was one of them. It started as an innocent low cost photo booth and thousands of dollars later it became something great. After my wedding a lot of people were interested in my booth. I knew my Gen 1 booth wasn’t light enough or robust enough to loan out so I started to design a better one. This is how Cunning Turtle spent 2012.

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